LouAnn Rondorf-Klym Ph.D.

LouAnn Rondorf - kylm Ph.D,

I’ve been painting since 1984, but I have always had an interest in art. Most of my earlier works were watercolors. However, I have expanded to pen and pencil sketches, color pencils and then acrylics.


Most recently I have added oils in 2012. These are only my paintings. In 2007, I also have been taking all kinds of digital pictures. Although I rarely take pictures of people, I would like to add portrait paintings to my list of accomplishments in the near future. I would also like to start to do exhibits, because so few people have seen my art.


My educational background was in science and completed my Ph.D. at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. I worked in nursing (Cardiovascular, Oncology, Women’s Health, Gerontology Adult Health, and a variety of management positions). Clinical Research, Regulatory in Medical Device, and Medical Affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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